ANDM reshuffles like OPDO

Bereket blames cardes and vows to act

By Ankober

In a similar step to Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) has seen similar reshuffles.
ANDM’s big reshuffles saw the removal of Addisu Legesse (the Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia and Chairman of ANDM) and Tefera Walewa (Minister of Capacity Building and Vice Chairman of ANDM). As of yesterday’s ANDM meeting in Bahir Dar,Addisu Legesse’s Party Chairmanship is taken by Demeke Mekonenem (Minister of Education) and Tefera Walewa’s post is now assumed by Gedlu Andargcew (the Deputy Administrator of the Amhara Regional State).
The Party also elected 15 member party council with the removal of some of the former members.
The executive committee members of the party were Mr. Addisu Legesse (Chair man), Mr. Tefera Walwa (Vice chairman) Mr. Bereket Simon, Mr. Yohannis Boyalew, Mr. Ayalew Gobeze, Mr. Ambachew Mekonnen, Mr. Yoseph Reta, Mr. Demeke Mekonnen, Mr. Birhane Hailu, Mr. Tadesse Kassa, Mr. Hilawe Yoseph, Mr. Tefera Deribew and Mr. Gedu Andargachew.
According to the Party archives ,the Ethiopian peoples Democratic Movement (EPDM) the precursor of ANDM was found on Nov 1980 IN Tigray, at a place known as Tekrarwuha. The founding fathers were the former members of the EPRP who splintered themselves from the party for various reasons. After organizing itself under a democratic program for three months, the movement waged an armed struggle against the Derg from the Waghimra province of Wollo region. With in a limited time span, the movement managed to liberate the broad masses of Waghimra from the Yoke of Derg rule. When celebrating its first anniversary, it had controlled the entire North-Eastern Wollo but Korem.the Derg officials who wrongly assumed the collapse of EPRP as the end of multi-ethnic struggle, were highly disturbed by the establishment of EPDM,they thus left no stone unturned to nip the movement in the bud. EPD, however, succeeded in keeping itself alive and vibrant following all attempts by the Derg to crack it. After three years in their struggle that witnessed a number of positive developments both with in the movement and in the lives of the people, EPDM convened its first organizational conference in Waghimra province, at a place named Jerba Yohannes. This was in Nov 1983. The eight-day conference reviews the movements’ previous political activities and passed major decisions that were instrumental for the success of its future move. After appraising its allover organizational activities through extensive seminars and conferences (between February 1989 and June 1989), EPDM convened its second organizational conference in June 1989 at a cave known as Taba. At this conference the EPDM come out as a strong revolutionary Democratic force. The conference held a very strong position on the need for the coordination of all capacities to overthrow the Derg once and for all. After 13 years in a multinational name, the movement convened its third organizational conference at Bahir Dar in January 1994 and with out changing its revolutionary democratic stance it changed its name to Amhara National Democratic Movement.
The party held eight organisational congresses since 1983 so far, the latest was held in September 2008, in Bahir Dar.
Pundits and commentators state that these reshuffles are not signifier of any political u-turn within the EPRDF but a mere replacement and PR strategy.
However,sources close to the Party stated that Bereket Simon (right hand man of Meles Zenawi ) chastised the rank and file members of the party and cadres of ANDM as ” corrupts and despots and be hulet bilewa liteblu yetezegajachu (reday to eat with two knives)” and reportedly warned to clean them from the party.
He also blamed the cadres and rank file members of the Party for the negative image of ANDM and EPRDF.
In a cognate development, The 10th organizational conference of TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) declared the resignation of eight of its senior members for different reasons namely ; Sibhat Nega, Mulugeta Alemseged, Ambassador Tewelde Gebru (Director of TDA), Fisha Zerihun (Mayor of Mekele), Adehane Hailu (Dr), Gebereab Bernabas (Dr), Hailemichael Abera (Dr), and Welderufael Alemayehu (Dr).The Party leadership is still in the hands of Meles Zenawi and Seyoum Mesfin.Southern People’s Democratic Movement (SPDM) is the last to make this ”nominal” organisational congresses, as to sources ,which will be in the coming weeks.