Abyei,Ethiopia and The Sudan

By Anko Zuta, Blogger 0f De Birhan Blogspot


Associated Press reported on the 13th of June that North and south Sudan had agreed “in principle” to demilitarize the disputed central Sudan region of Abyei and to allow an Ethiopian peacekeeping team to come in, in a meeting that was mediated by the former South African President Thabo Mbeki and Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Addis Abeba.The meeting is still being going on in Addis Abeba according to sources.
Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Southern Sudan President Salva Kiir attended the meeting.Southern Sudan is preparing to secede from the North on July 9 while the issue of Abyei continues to be an issues of disagreement and spot of war.
Hillary Clinton also said the U.S. welcomes Ethiopian peacekeepers being sent in.
But why aren’t United Nations peace keepers or other regional Groupings coming in between? Why is Ethiopia specially giving its forces to that area preceding all other neighbouring countries? Is it because both sides ”trust” Ethiopia or an order from the West like the invasion of Somalia? Or is the soul of Ethiopian soldiers worthless to be flashed in an insecure area?
I was speaking to a Sudanese friend who has worked in an independent tink tank and often gives me an impartial opinion of the situations in that country and the region. He says “the coming in of Ethiopian forces to the region seems to have come from Bashir and was basically in the interest of both the US and Ethiopia. ”
” Bashir is happy that Ethiopian forces under Meles’ command enter the region that any regional or multilateral peacekeeping force .He knows that most of Ethiopia’s Economic and political interests are highly tied to Sudan thus he wants an Ethiopian peacekeeping force that he could manipulate or indirectly lead via the long ropes of Meles .” he adds. Bashir isn’t also interested in the coming in of other multilateral or neighbouring countries due to his International injunction and ”basically because the others won’t be as flexibly manageable for his interests as he wants them to be; while Meles would.”
He said that Ethiopia also has had its forces ready in the border between the two countries since some five months ago in a preventative measure. Meles fears that any political unrest in Sudan could be the source of change in his own country,he wants to control the developments in the Horn, and portray himslef as a key ally and player in the region.

In this situation it is South Sudan that has a lesser say and is unaffectedly ignorant of the calculations. Although South Sudan is actively participating in the meetings and working towards mutual benefit,the goals and latent agendas of the North and Ethiopia seem to be superseding and dominating so far.
Today the Indian Ocean Newsletter reported ”Addis Ababa is alarmed by the contacts between Ethiopian opponents and Sudanese officials. Khartoum, for its part, does not appreciate Ethiopian military aid for South Sudan.”
Bashir is claimed to be very ”cryptic and mysterious” in his political games by most of his opponents that it would be possible to believe that he turned his back against his long-time pal,Meles and sided with Ethiopian opposition forces.
President Obama today (Thursday 17th) also voiced “deep concern” over the widening violence in Sudan.
July nine will clear most of the speculations.
Centuries after nations have been formed,borders of countries were demarcated and nations of the world have focused on life in other planets; yet, a new country crawls to be formed in Africa.


  1. The future of Sudan is on table.After July9,many things will turns to sour.meles zenawi mostly working for own survive .accordingly the western interest,he play down grade systematical without causing pain.

    It was good for Sudan to deals with the opposition groups,those who are demanding for unity .this groups have more acceptance, success with interest of Sudan .then both country will enjoy stable political solution together

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