Friday , 1 July 2016

KEFI inches closer to finance deal for Ethiopia gold mine Share

30 Jun 2016 They are described as “reputable African banking organisations” willing to offer US$85mln in senior secured debt at coupon of 8%.. Tulu Kapi is a gold mine project in Ethiopia KEFI Minerals (LON:KEFI) has narrowed down the debt funding deal for its Tulu Kapi mine gold in Ethiopia to two potential lenders. They are described as “reputable African ... Read More »

Allow Ethiopian opposition politician to obtain treatment abroad for torture-sustained injuries

JUNE 30, 2016 The Ethiopian authorities must allow an opposition politician who is now unconscious due to injuries sustained in torture and other ill-treatment to obtain life-saving medical treatment abroad, said Amnesty International in a letter to Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Habtamu Ayalew, the former spokesman for the opposition Andenet (Unity) party was arrested on July 8, 2014 and ... Read More »

Dispatches: Ethiopia Ascends to UN Security Council Despite Dismal Rights Record

Credible Investigation Needed Into Deaths of Protesters Felix Horne Researcher, Horn of Africa@felixhorne1 Ethiopia has a horrendous human rights record – but that didn’t stop its election this week to the United Nations Security Council as a non-permanent member. It’s worth noting too that Ethiopia – implicated in the deaths of hundreds of peaceful protesters in recent months – is ... Read More »

በኢሳት ሪዲዮና ቴሌቪዥን ቃለ መጠይቅ ማድረግ፣ የሽብር ድርጊት አለመሆኑ ፍርድ ቤቱ ማረጋገጫ ሰጠ

June 28, 2016 ፍርድ ቤቱ በእነ መቶ ኣለቃ ጌታቸው መኮንን የክስ መዝገብ ብይን ሰጠ ! “በኢሳት ሪዲዮና ቴሊቪን ቃለ መጠይቅ ማድረግ፣ የሽብር ድርጊት አለመሆኑ ፍርድ ቤቱ ማረጋገጫ ሰጠ” በእነ መቶ ኣለቃ ጌታቸው መኮንን የክስ መዝገብ ስር የሚገኙ 16 ተከሳሾች ላይ ብይን ሰጠ። ሰኔ 21 ቀን 2008 ዓ.ም በዋለው የፌደራል ከፍተኛ ፍ/ቤት 14ኛ ወንጀል ችሎት በእነመቶ-አለቃ ጌታቸው መኮንን የክስ መዝገብ ስር ... Read More »

A district head, officers killed in Addis due to house demolition clash

29-6-2016 A clash between residents and police claimed the lives of the Sub City’s Head and Two police officers so far in Lafto Sub-city of Addis Ababa. The clash erupted as the government stated demolishing thousands of houses in the Sub-city. The government claims most of the houses were illegal built. በክፍለ ከተማው በተነሳ ረብሻ የሁለት ፖሊሶችና የአንድ የወረዳ ሥራ ... Read More »

Rare U.N. Eritrea aid shipment shows Asmara slowly opening up X

By Edmund Blair | NAIROBI (Reuters) – A consignment of aid shipped by the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) through Eritrea’s main port this month was the first in a decade and the latest sign of Asmara trying to rebuild ties with the outside world, diplomats said. Eritrea, which blames U.N. sanctions for driving it into isolation, has been engaging ... Read More »

Somaliland-Ethiopia tensions

By Editor on June 27, 2016. Toosh Media-Centre for Policy Analysis:-The region of Horn of Africa is one of the most troubled regions in the world. The endless fiasco in Somalia, border conflicts and cross border clan and ethnic violence destabilize the region. Intrastate and interstate wars dominate the headlines. The conflicts are worsened by long history of violence and ... Read More »

የስቃይ ሰለባዎች

ZONE9·SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2016 በዞን ዘጠኝ በዞን ዘጠኝ ዓለማቀፍ የማሰቃየት ተግባር ተጠቂዎችን የመደገፍ ቀን (International Day in Support of Victims of Torture) ከጎርጎሮሳዊያኑ 1998 ጀምሮ በየዓመቱ ጁን 26 ቀን ይከበራል፡፡ ቀኑ ጁን 26 ላይ የሚከበርበት ሁለት ምክንያቶች ሲኖሩ፤ አንደኛ የተባበሩት መንግስታት ድርጅት ቻርተር በመስራች አባል አገራት ቻርተሩን የፈረሙበት ቀን ጁን 26፣ 1945 ሲሆን በሁለተኝነት የተባበሩት መንግስታት የፀረ ማሰቃየትና የጭካኔ የቅጣት ... Read More »