Saturday , 22 October 2016

Ethiopia Using Emergency Law to Quash Protest Movement

WASHINGTON —  The state of emergency in effect in Ethiopia since October 8 is being used broadly to silence critical media voices and lock up suspected dissidents, according to a range of reports coming in from the country. More than 1,000 people who are considered “ringleaders” or “bandits” have been arrested in Ethiopia since a national state of emergency began, ... Read More »

Breaking: Command Post (Debretsion, Abay & Samora) ban gov’t officials from leaving #Ethiopia using the SoE : ESAT

ESAT News (October 20, 2016) High ranking government officials are not allowed to leave the country without the authorization of the command post that was set up to enforce the state of emergency declared in Ethiopia a week ago, sources disclosed to ESAT. The ban was not included in the details of the emergency law that was released last week ... Read More »

So, You Think You are a Democrat?

20th October 2016  By Wondemagne Ejigu The rationale behind the question is challenging. A democrat believes in the rule of people; it is a person who demands democracy, who advocates and protects human rights. Does it sound like someone you consider yourself to be? My reason to ask this question arises from my curiosity about the paradox we see around us everyday. Why ... Read More »

New 1686 suspected protesters detained in Oromia and Amhara regions by the Command Post

19-10-2016 The Command Post said: 93 bandits/rebels have surrendered in north Gondar zone, Amhara region Over 1000 arms looted by protesters recovered from Oromia and Amhara regions Scores of businesspeople, who took part in last week’s and this week’s general strikes have been arrested in Bahir Dar and Gonder cities Addis Ababa -Following the joint efforts carried out by the ... Read More »

ICRC says supports the Ethiopian police with training , how about the Agazi

18-10-2016 The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it supports the Ethiopian police with training to reinforce national and international standards pertaining to arrest, detention and the proportionate use of force. In collaboration with the Ethiopian Police University College they produced a training video that will be used by the police across the country. The ICRC provides customized training tools ... Read More »

TPLF (EPRDF) arrests 1000 suspected protesters from a town of 50,000 Sebeta

17-10-2016 Fana Radio, the voice of the ruling TPLF (EPRDF) Front, has reported that the Ethiopian securities have arrested over 1000 people from Sebeta town, in the outskirts of Addis Abeba on suspicion of participation in the recent anti-government protests. A few investments and vehicles have been burned down in this  municipality by the protesters. An “Investors’ Peace Conference” is ... Read More »

A week after Ethiopia’s State of Emergency, Gonder starts a general anti-gov’t strike


17-10-2016   A week after the TPLF (EPRDF) led Ethiopian regime declared a State of Emergency across Ethiopia, few days after the specifics of it such as banning any form of anti-gov’t protest,  were made public, the Gonder city, Northern Ethiopia has launched a general strike against the government today. There have been three general/stay away strikes against the regime so ... Read More »

Under the Radar: Foreign investors under attack in Ethiopia

Mounting violence in Ethiopia has seen over 500 killed, as protests against the government’s economic and human rights policies continues. The tensions at the heart of the crisis are systemic ones, yet what makes the violence particularly worrisome is that foreign investors have become prominent targets. Foreign businesses are being systematically attacked in protest of the government’s development-centric approach, with ... Read More »