Demonstration Calling the Gov’t to Bring EPRDF Officials in Hiding Before Justice to be Held on Sunday in Addis, Police says No Permits


11/12/2018Ethiopians are going to hold a peaceful demonstration in Addis Abeba this coming Sunday, December 16, 2018 calling for the government to bring officials accused of human rights violations and grand corruption before justice, the Addis Abeba based Sheger FM Radio reported.

The post April 2018 Abiy Ahmed administration is reforming the EPRDF government of the past 27 years by mainly cleaning the regime from corrupt system and officials. This included the arrest of human rights violators within the regime mainly within the security sector.

Most officials of the pre-April 2018 EPRDF have run into hiding in Mekele, Tigray region or have fled the country since the coming to power of Abiy Ahmed or after recent arrests started.

The demonstration is going to call the government to immediately take measure on these former officials widely implicated by former victims as main suspects.

The current administration of Abiy Ahmed has not also been able to effectively execute court orders and arrest former heavyweight spy heads of the Ethiopian intelligence, Getachew Assefa, suspected to be hiding in Tigray. Several other main suspects from the police and attorney office, who previously had senior positions, have fled the country as soon as the arrests started.

In spite of the countless abuses committed against by former officials, most of them hailing from Tigray region, there were protests seemingly called to oppose the Federal government’s attempt to bring these suspects before justice.

The upcoming protest in Addis Abeba is hence, likely going to be a response to those protests held in Mekele and urge the central government to immediately act.

However, the Addis Abeba Police Commission stated today that it has not given a permit or recognition to the planned as there are other events already planned in the streets of the Capital.