Ethiopia to Shuffle 50 percent of Diplomats, Unhappy Embassies Harass Citizens Protesting the Reform



The Spokesperson for Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Meles Alem, said last week that as part of the grand reform process taking place in Ethiopia, the MoFA is also conducting a reform process as a result of which new ambassadors and diplomats will be appointed across all Ethiopian missions around the world.

Meles noted that there were issues of party loyalty in appointment in the past and diplomats served only those that supported the politics and policies of the ruling Front.

He said the new appointment includes famous Ethiopians, who are not even members of the ruling Front and there will be a focus on reaching out to the Ethiopian community in the Diaspora and helping them rather than living a cosy life in gated houses and attending receptions.

Alem explained that out of 412 diplomats the country deploys abroad, half of them have been recalled for consultation. However, there are reports that most have refused to return back home for consultation. Those, who have been refusing to give passports and Visas to Ethiopians based on their ethnic and political inclinations are still in their positions, said a former diplomat.

We have noticed that resisting the new reshuffles, Ethiopian diplomats in Europe and the rest of the world have continued to harass and deny services to citizens and especially those they considered as pro-reform.

We will be presenting specific cases of absolute carelessness and inefficiencies within Ethiopian embassies in the Diaspora soon.