Media Effect: A Year After FM Radio Scrutiny, Yekatit 23 S.School Puts Statues, Parks To Mark Its Name



On March 1, 2016, Addis Abeba based Sheger FM Radio, traveled to Yekatit 23 Secondary School in Addis Abeba to investigate if there was anything in the school that shows or remembers its own name, Yekatit 23 (March 1) 1896, the day Ethiopia defeated Italy at the Battle of Adwa securing its independence and sovereignty in Africa. The Radio had also asked the students of the same school why their school was named Yekatit 23 or what it means, the majority of the respondents did not know anything.

This year on the same day, the Radio journalist traveled to the school to revisit if there was any change. Yes. This year, an Adwa Park has been founded in the school, Emperor Menelik II’s photographs have been erected, and the students interviewed were able to define and explain the day as well as the naming of their high school.

Kudos to Sheger FM!