So Sad! Ethiopia’s Leading Astrophysicist Prof. Legesse Wetro Dies 67



Leading international astrophysicist Prof. Legesse Wetro has passed away at the age of 67 in Addis Abeba.

Legesse was recently awarded for  solving the 460 years world problem of geomagnetic filed reversals.

He founded the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS).

One of the very first and oldest African astrophysicists, Legesse is widely known in Ethiopia for his FM radio programs on astrophysics transmitted in a very layman language in the local language.

According to various sources he was found laying dead in his garden. The cause of his death is unknown.

He earned his PhD from Colombia State Univeristy in Astronomy and for the past 40 years he had served as a researcher and professor mainly in Addis Abeba University.

Legesse was born in Siro Woreda, Arsi, Ethiopia.

He is survived by his wife and three adult children.