Addis Abeba EOTC to vote on the 6th Patriarch

By De Birhan 
27 Feb 2013

After talks for “Unity and Reconciliation” between the Addis Abeba based and the Diaspora based Synods of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC) failed, the Addis Abeba based Synod is set to elect its 6th Patriarch tomorrow (28 Feb 2013), De Birhan understands. The fifth Patriarch, the late Abune Paulos, died last year. The Diaspora based Synod on its part sent a press release to ESAT TV calling  Ethiopian Orthodox Christians “not to accept the new Patriarch elect”. The State owned new agency, Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported that so far 800 followers of the Church have registered to cast votes out of the needed 850 for the 6th Patriarch of the Church. ENA said the stated number of archbishops, department heads of the patriarchate office, ancient monasteries and churches, clergy, followers of the EOC and Sunday school students, among others, are registered to vote for the new patriarch. The results of the election would made Official on the same day.

The five candidates are:

His Eminence Abune Mathias            His Eminence Abune  Elsae’
photo 4                     photo 1
His Eminence Abune Yosef                  His Eminence Abune Hizkiel 
photo 2                           photo
   His Eminence Abune Matheos 
   photo 3