Conflict Resolution Expert Based in the US, said he was asked if he was a Party Member to Teach Courses at AAU Peace Department



In an interview aired last week by EBS’s TV’s Helen Show, an Ethiopian conflict resolution expert, Solomon Telahun stated that he was asked if he was a member of the (ruling) party when he had offered to teach courses in the The Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) at the Addis Ababa University. However, he did not give details regarding when the incident happened and the name of the official/role that used the pretext of party membership as a requirement and gatekeeping method to deny him service.

Before the coming to power of the Abiy Ahmed-led EPRDF team in April 2018, many members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, had been complaining that the Ethiopian regime’s bureaucracy denied them service or exhorted them based on their political inclinations or ethnicity.

Watch Solomon speak about his experience from the 50th minute in the video below: