Various Cities, Towns in Amhara Region Hold Large Scale Identity, Rights Protests



Various cities and towns of the Amhara regional state have held large scale peaceful demonstrations today. The demonstrations were mainly related to the identity and border issues with regional administrations such as Raya and Welkait and the respect of rights of Amhara people in Ethiopia.

The demonstrations were held in Woldia, Dessie, Bahir Dar, Gonder, Seroka and Debre Birhan.

Some of the slogans carried today included “the Federal government must immediately resolve the identity and land problems in Raya and Welakit, attention to the Lalibela Monuments and Lake Tana, fairly represent the people of Amhara in the Federal government, don’t cover up the ethnic cleansing committed against the Amhara people and many more.”

There were also protesters who carried placards showing solidarity to Afar people, who were killed while protesting in Afar last week.

The protest ended without any security issues.