At least 5 Raya People Killed Today as They Protested Rule Under Tigray Region Claiming They are Amhara People



At least 5 Raya people in Northern Ethiopia, who live between Amhara and Tigray regions, were killed by alleged Liyu Police of Tigray region as they held a protest today. They are protesting that they are being administered by the Tigray Regional State and they claim that their Amhara identity should be respected.

The Raya identity issue is similar to the Welkait issue, which ignited as the EPRDF led government relocated the two places to be zoned and administered under the Tigray region. People of the two Raya and Welkait have been protesting for the past 27 years claiming that they are not ethnic Tigreans and hence, should be administered within the Amhara regional state.


The protest has continued at the time of writing. There are also reports that the Federal government has deployed the military to intervene but locals report that the latter are outnumbered.