Thousands of Ethiopians Welcome Arebegnoch Ginbot 7 Movement that was Labelled a “Terror Group” by pre-April 2018 Ethiopian Admin, in Addis Abeba



Thousands of Addis Abeba residents have welcomed over 200 leaders and delegation of the Arebgenoch (Patriotic) Ginbot 7 Movement from various corners of the world in Addis Abeba. The Movement has been using an all-inclusive method of struggle and has been labelled a “terrorist” by the pre-April 2018 Ethiopian government administration and many Ethiopians had suffered due to implications and alleged links to the Movement. Since the coming to power of the new Post-April 2018 Abiy Ahmed’s administration, the Movement has been delisted from the list and was officially invited to come back to Ethiopia and fight peacefully.

Following the new wave of change in Ethiopia, several Diaspora based and formerly banned Ethiopian opposition forces and activists are returning back to Ethiopia.Now, it has become safe for many Ethiopians in the Diaspora, who were afraid of returning back to their countries for fear of arbitrary measures by the government.

The Movement is one of the leading Ethiopian opposition forces, which commands a plethora of support in the Diaspora as well as inside Ethiopia. It is led by a former Bucknell University, USA, professor of Economics, Professor Berhanu Nega.

Their return closes some chapters of Ethiopia’s history and concerns but also opens a lot of uncertainties for the future.