Shocked by Brutal Weekend Ethnic Attacks by Alleged Qerro in the Outskirts of Addis, Oromo region, Thousands of Addis Abebans are Holding Protest in Addis Now

Last Monday Addis Abeba residents demonstrated condemning the killing

  Protestors chanted “Is there no government?” “We condemn the targeting of ethnic groups by Oronmo youth known as Qerro”, and some even chanted calling for a formation of a “caretaker government.”

The protesters also called the government to bring popular ethnic activists that allegedly called for the targetted ethnic attack on social media last week to be brought before justice.

The capital city is at a stand still at the moment with no transportation and heavily armed security present. The protesters are visibly angry over the incident.

It was widely reported over the weekend that at the end of a pro-Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) welcoming rally in Addis Abeba on Saturday, which was confrontational between Oromo region and Addis Abeba youth, alleged Qerro (Oromo youth) brutally killed scores of non-Oromo people in Burayu and Ashewa Meda areas in the outskirts of the capital city. Thousands were also displaced and are now sheltered in various schools in the Capital.

Eighten years ago the same month, hundrads of ethnic Amhara people were killed and displaced from Eastern Wollega, Oromo region by Oromo youth, who claimed that the Amhara should go back to their regions.

The protest today was not organised by any political party. It was a self-organised voluntary protest as a result of brutality against non-Oromo people in Burayu, Ashewa Meda and Sebeta areas of the Oromo regional state.

There are reports of unconfirmed fatalities. Some sources report that at least two peaceful protesters were killed by current government’s security forces near Ambassador, Addis Abeba.

Some demonstrators have also chanted that the current Amahara National Democratic Movement is “composed of gutless, old and unsmart leaders, who have seen the entrenchment of key sectors of the government filled up by OPDO officials.”

At least five peaceful protestors were killed in Addis Abeba today by Abiy Ahmed Administration’s security forces