Federal Police Summons Six Alleged Main Financiers and Perpetrators of Last Week’s Burayu Ethnic Attack Against the Gamo, Gurage People

Last Monday Addis Abeba residents demonstrated condemning the killing


Ethiopian Federal Police has brought six people suspected of leading and financing the organised ethnic attack in Burayu, Oromia region against the Gamo and Gurage ethnic people last weekend. Amnesty International said 58 have so far been recorded dead. Hundreds injured and over 10,000 displaced to the capital city, Addis Abeba.

Several reports alleged that Oromo youths returning from a welcoming ceremony of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in Addis Abeba committed the attacks.

At the Lideta Federal court police named the chief suspects of the attack. They are namely: Samson Tilahun, Alamu Waktolla, Bulchaa Tadassa, Hashim Mahammad and Shifaraw Irrana. All residents of Burayu, Gefersa and Keta.

The trail is set to continue after 14 days.

Angered by the attack residents of Addis Abeba from various corners held a massive protest last Monday. However, the city and Federal police have been conducting mass arrest of Addis Abeba’s youth until today, which has become hot topic of Addis residents and netizens on Twitter.

Source: Fana BC