Is China a Threat or Benefit to Africa?

Prof. Mammo Muchie takes an appreciative stance in this piece on China

The recent Forum on China-Africa cooperation(FOCAC) held in Beijing, China has generated lots of media coverage reporting that China is taking Africa’s resources to cover the debt the African states owe China. The case that has been featured globally recently is what Zambia is said to be in now, not being able to pay the debt from China.
Zambia is said to be ready to relinquish its own international Kenneth Kaunda airport, ZESCO the Zambian state electricity company and the Zambian broadcasting company to meet its debt obligations to China. If this is true, it goes very much, against what China is said to have done in Africa. What China is said to prefer to do is to cancel debts rather than go colonial and demand that the indebted African states relinquish their own resources and assets to cover their debts from China. It also goes very much, against what President Xi and even the earlier leaders of China have advocated to create a China that will relate with the entire former colonized world by applying the principle of mutual benefit and not applying neo-colonial threats.

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