Breaking: After Two Decades of Division Two Synods of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Reconcilie, United in the Presence of the PM, Patriarch Merkorios Reinstated


The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church synods based at home and in exile have reached an agreement to reconcile and come together.

It is to be recalled that the synod split into two due to disagreements that surfaced among the former Holy Synod. The division occured when the EPRDF regime came to power in 1991 and since then the presiding Patriarch Abune Mekarios had been exiled in the US leading his own synod governing several churches in Europe and the US.

Although there have been several efforts in the past, the current push by the new Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed and the Arbitration Committee fastened the reconciliation.

ENA reported last week that the Committee members thanked Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his initiative and efforts to build peace, unity and reconciliation in the country in general and in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in particular.

Prime Minister Abiy told the committee ” the priority must be given to peace and reconciliation of the two synods which in turn contributes to nation building. Ethiopian Orthodox Church has remarkable historical and cultural resources that are valuable for the country” he said.

This lady, Ehete Mariam, had predicted in March 2018 that Abune Merkorios will soon return back to Ethiopia.

Abune Merkorios will be reinstated.

Abune Mathias will do the administrative work, prayer, blessing.

The Synod to officially apologise for the trespassing of the doctrine and dogma of the Church.

No more two synods but one Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Synod.