WATCH LIVE: Millions Rally in Support of a Sitting Ethiopian Leader PM Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia Today


Watch Live Here

    • Millions of people are attending a peaceful rally in support of the new Ethiopia PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed in Meskel Square, Addis Abeba today. The people attending the event have come from nearby towns of Addis Abeba, such as the Oromo regional state and Addis Abebans. The feeling is one of a change, as if a new ruling party and government has taken of Ethiopia in a “silent coup.” Slogans that thank and support reformist leaders of the EPRDF such as Lemma Megersa, Gedu Adndargachew and Abiy Ahmed were carried by the demonstrators.

    • This protest consolidates Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s control and management of his party, the security sector and the  country more than the reshuffles he conducted in recent weeks.

  • It is very important that people do not forget the same Front that has represivelly ruled the country killing and exiling thousands, EPRDF, is still in power but with a very promising leader and reforms. Hence, the regime and the party that many have protested against and died to see gone is still at the helm with the same ideology.
  • An ethnic based clique that ruled Ethiopia with an ironfist for over two decades, the TPLF, has not completely given up key posts to the new leadership of Abiy’s regime and are intact in almost all central posts inside and outside the country. This is also another issue of concern. Cleaning this nepotistic clique will longer time.
  • Fundamentally, within the last three months of the new PM’s tenure significant political changes have occured in the country. In the next weeks and months, the government will give amnesty to all exiled dissidents and it is expected that most dissidents and Diaspora forces will return home to Ethiopia soon. With an expanded democratic space, it is hoped that  progresses will be achieved in all fronts.
  • The biggest concern, however, from today’s events should be the likelihood of Abiy Ahmed developing into egomaniac authoritarian. Abiy must check himself and we should continuously caution him not to become narcissisticly megalomaniac.
  • Therefore, such a level of fawning and aggrandization is so dangerous that it could even spoil the person. The best example is Lidetu Ayalew. Remember how he was celebrated to the extent of a godly idol? Our extreme and quick celebrations could also turn disappointing. Thus, always be cautiously celebratory!
  • Abiy’s legacy must be the building of strong, fair and sustainable security sector and democratic institutions. The role of Ethiopians is also helping the development of these institutions not the development of a “cult.”
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