Ethiopian Music Superstar Known For Being The Symbol of Struggle for “Unity and Reconciliation” Expresses Support to the New Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed

Teddy Afro


Ethiopian music superstar, famous for fiercely pursuing his causes of “Ethiopian unity and reconciliation” has today officially sent an endorsing type of message to the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

Reading the discourses and actions of the new Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed, both men are on par in terms of their views of a united Ethiopia and national reconciliation.

On his official Facebook page, Teddy Afro said “In this historic juncture, the new PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed and his team, in their very short period in power, have come with Ethiopianism and reconciliation. It is time to stand in solidarity with them. Although I am away due to work, I am with all of you organising support activities, in spirit.”

Teddy Afro