The Core Member of the EPRDF, TPLF, Coalition Sounds Unhappy With PM Abiy’s Reforms, Forwards Preconditions and Urges EPRDF to Hold Urgent Meet



The Central Committee of the Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), core member of the ruling EPRDF coalition, after three days meeting in Tigray, released a press release today expressing displeasure with current reforms being undertaken by the leadership of the Front.

The press release included 9 main demands and warnings. It warns that “current appointment of leadership in EPRDF/government should be corrected as it does not follow the Front’s rules and regulations”, recognition should be given to its former veteran leaders, decided to fight identity and border demarcation related issues together with the local people, calls the people to fight anti-TPLF and Tigrean forces inside the Front and outside the country.

Finally, TPLF has decided that the EPRDF should hold an urgent meeting to evaluate these changes.

The new reformist Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed’s reforms have angered the TPLF wing of the Front. Abiy has balanced the TPLF dominated government by reshuffling and balancing the security and other sectors of the government.

The kneejerk and angry reaction from the TPLF has been anticipated by many observers since old guards want only cosmetic changes and are ready for such serious reforms.

Today, the voice of the Oromo youth group, Qerro, that has been effective in conducting effective anti-government resistance, has sent a warning to the TPLF leadership.

The current PM, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, who comes from the OPDO front of the EPRDF, has won the hearts and minds of Ethiopians through his reformist and unity focused-leadership.

De Birhan has learned that TPLF’s CC had a heated debate about leaving the EPRDF coalition. The CC also discussed the idea of calling a vote of confidence on PM Abiy Ahmed.

Most people on social media are calling the public to stand with PM Abiy Ahmed as the establishment tries to come back and derail the ongoing reforms.