Breaking: Ethiopian Parliament Approves an Amnesty Proclamation That Would Allow Diaspora Dissidents To Return Home



The Ethiopian parliament has today ratified the Amnesty Proclamation 1089/2010, Ethiopian  News Agency (ENA) reported.

The Amnesty Proclamation gives blanket amnesty to accused, implicated, charged and sentenced, mostly political, dissidents and allows them to return back to Ethiopia and take part in peaceful political activities. It is most likely to have an impact on dissidents accused of links or with open links to political or media groups designated or labeled as “terrorist” by the Ethiopian parliament in 2011.

This is among the many new changes that have occured since the new Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed came to power three months ago.

The legislation, however, does not give an amnesty to those involved in other types of criminal activities such as ethnic cleansing, murder, kidnapping and torture.

As the legislation has been officially approved, it is expected that many Ethiopian opposition leaders, media personalities and activists based in the Diaspora would return back to Ethiopia.