BBC Amharic Reports Over 1400 Amhara People Have Been Displaced from Oromia Region



Thousands of Ethiopians of the Amhara ethnic group have been forcibly displaced from various regional states of Ethiopia such as Oromia, Southern and Benishangul Gumz regions. Perhaps, the Amhara, are the most targeted and forcibly displaced people of Ethiopian under the incumbent regime.

In the past few weeks, a new wave of internally displaced Amhara people are arriving in the Amhara regional state after being forcibly displaced mainly from the Oromia regional state of Ethiopia. Today’s BBC Amharic quoting various media outlet states that around 1400 Amhara people have been displaced in the current displacement.

The BBC has interviewed two displaced nationals. Self-organised lecturers from Wello University are raising funds to help the displaced. Several people allege that the national government securities, local OPDO officials and Oromo opposition groups along with natives are behind the forced displacement. However, the government has not commented or no group has taken any responsibility so far.