Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Again Makes a Superbly Motivating and Inspiring Speech to Ethiopians




The newly appointed Ethiopia  Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, today made a highly inspiring, promising and preaching speech to thousands of audiences at the Millennium Hall in Addis Abeba. The core of his message was the importance of and the need for “Love and forgiveness” in Ethiopia to solve most of our present day issues.

Abiy has become something of a celebrity, the way the participants welcomed him and responded to his speech is a testament. He earned several standing ovations.

His speech today was also unheard of the political history of the incumbent, EPRDF in terms of content, message, determination, vibe and vision.

Abiy is sounding more and more an independent candidate rather than a member of the EPDRF, whose repetitive, jargon and disliked ideologies, officials and discourses have dominated the Ethiopian airwaves of more than two decades.

Within a short period of time, since his official inauguration, the PM has relatively transformed the tensity with hope of change. One of his recent achievements have been, in addition to the release of thousands of local activists in Ethiopia, he has been, getting thousands of Ethiopian citizens jailed in several neighboring and distant countries released.

In Saudi Arabia, he also visited and comforted an Ethiopian mother, whose teenage son has been in bed for over a decade due to a medical malpractice.

Today’s speech indicated that he even wishes officials of the firmer Derg government to be forgiven and returned, confirmed that had reached an understanding with Saudi officials on the release of the tycoon Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi and that his office will be sending Gold award winning Ethiopian university students to the very best universities of their choice in the world.

Watch Abiy’s superb speech from earlier today here: