Ethiopia’s Military Governing Task Force, the Command Post Arresting Gov’t Officials, Bloggers



Less than a month since the release of prominent Ethiopian politicians and media people, the military task-force that is currently governing Ethiopia, known as the Command Post, has arrested several hundreds of people since yesterday mainly in the Oromia regional state of Ethiopia.

Senior government officials, bloggers and artists are reportedly among those detained.

Ethiopian activists on social media have today revealed that the Deputy Police Commissioner of the current regime has been arrested by the Command Post. Blogger and educator Seyoum Teshome and an unnamed “famous” artist are also among the high profile prisoners reportedly detained today.

Ethiopia has been under a State of Emergency (SoE) since the last two weeks after civil disobedience protests rocked the country as a result of which the civilian governance has been neutralized and replaced by the so called Command Post, which is effectively a military leadership.

Several government officials from the Oromo regional state are also being detained, the reports corroborate.

More to come…