Video: Ethiopia’s New Rock-Hewn Church Has Been Officially Inaugurated Last Week in Gashena, Wollo, Amhara Region



Four architecturally sophisticated rock-hewn churches, craved within the past 10 years, have been officially inaugurated Gashena, Wollo, Amhara Region of Ethiopia last week in the presence of the Abune Ermias, Assistant Bishop of Northern Wello.

Hermit/Priest Gebremeskel Tesema is the person who designed and craved these churches out of a single stone using chisels.

Hermit/Priest Gebremeskel Tesema is in his mid 30s. He lives not very far from Lalibela, in a place called Gashena, Wollo, Amhara region of Ethiopia. He has been building Lalibela-like rock-hewn churches in the area. In this research focused interview conducted by Professor Michael Gervers, hermit Gebremeskel patiently narrated the details of his mission and activities.