Two Days Left Before the 28 Day Ultimatum US Senators Gave to Ethiopia Regime to Allow UN Rapporteurs Ends



Only two days left before the 28 day ultimatum that US Senators gave to the Ethiopian regime to allow UN rapporteurs ends. If the government doesn’t respond within the next two days, HR128 resolution will be tabled for voting before the US senate. HR128 is likely to pass this time because many in the US congress have signed it.

HR128 was brought to the House in February 2017, and was scheduled to be on the House floor for a vote on October 2, 2017, but has been indefinitely postponed.

Res. 128, among others, calls for sanctions against Ethiopian officials responsible for committing gross human rights violations and the formation of an inclusive government. It also called for the regime to allow a United Nations rapporteur to conduct an independent examination of the state of human rights in Ethiopia.

Read the full textof H.R.128 HERE