State TV: PM has Appointed Three Deputy Chiefs of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defence Force

Hailemariam with Samora at Army graduation


Ethiopian State TV, EBC, has reported that Prime Minister Haileamariam Desalegn has appointed three new deputy Chiefs of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces. These are General Seare Mekonnen, General Adem Mohammed  and General Birhanu Jula.

Earlier the same media had reported that President Mulatu Teshome promoted 61 defense army officers to the rank of Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General and General.

There are discussions about the fate of the long serving Chief of Staff, Samora Yunis.

The current Ethiopian Defence Force is accused of being controlled by a single minority ethnic family from the Tigre region.

It has not also implemented any Security Sector Reform (SSR) in the past 26 years. See our paper on the same issue below.