Meanwhile, Newly Promoted Deputy Chief of Staff Adem Mohammed, President Mulatu were Sent to Gambella to Receive a Strange Award


When the Ethiopian Ministers Council or as some people are saying, when the military Command Post declared a State of Emergency last night, newly promoted Deputy Chief of Staff General Adem Mohammed, President Mulatu Teshome and other senior military officials were in the South Western tip of Ethiopia, Gambella to accept a strange award for “remembering the victims of the Mursi abduction and thank the Defense forces.”

Gunmen from South Sudan had killed 28 people and kidnapped 43 children in from the Gambella region of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Defense forces have not done anything to save the victims or earn an award.

The ceremony was transmitted Live on the government owned Television, EBC. Gambella is 710.7 km from the capital Addis Abeba.