Journalist Eskinder Nega, Politician Andualem Arage, Members of the Muslim Arbitration, Hundreds Others Unfairly Arrested Citizens Released

Eskinder Nega AI Pic


Eskinder Nega AI Pic

After several years of imprisonment on bogus charges and torture, a few hundreds of Ethiopian opposition politicians, activists and religious mediators have been released today. They were expected to be freed last week but the government introduced a confession text as a precondition of their release, which most of them, they declined to sign.

Hundreds of families, friends and fans waited outside Kaliti Prison for the release of the prisoners and warmly greeted them.

In addition to journalist Eskinder Nega, Woubshet Taye and Andualem Arage, many other poiticans were also freed today such as Okello Aquay, the former Head of Gambella regional state nabbed from South Sudan, Berhanu Tekeleyared of Semayawi Party, Zerihun Gebreegziabher, Mamushet Amare, Olbana Lelisa, Ahmedin Jebel of the Muslim Arbitration Committee, Mamushet Amare, and Emawayesh Alemu among many.

It is now unclear if they are being released without any precondition.

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Also to read about journalist Eskinder Nega, read an article we published on July 30, 2012 after he was jailed for an eighth time.

Although these are good steps but there are still thousands of little known political activists who have been nabbed from Gonder, Wello, Gambella, and several places in the Oromo regional state over the past years. There also some senior opposition politicians such as Andargachew Tsige, Demeke Zewdu,  Nigest Yirga, Omot Agawa, Yonatan Tesfaye, Dr. Fikeru Maru, Emawaysh Alemu, Asaminew Tsige  and many others who are still in jail.

Some of these prisoners have gone through the most gruesome and graphic forms of torture under the hands of the current Ethiopian government’s security.