Command Post Orders Securities to Take a “Shoot-to-Kill” Like Action Against Protesters After Protest in Nekemet Yesterday

Image from File (2016 protest in Oromia region)


In lunchtime News today, the Command Post which is effectively ruling Ethiopia currently, has announced that it has given a “shoot-to-kill” like order to security forces against protesters after protests took place in Nekemet, East Welega Zone of the Oromia Region, Western Ethiopia yesterday.

The Breaking News statement read on on the State Television said ” security forces have been ordered to take all the necessary and the required actions against these forces.”

The statement also warned that it will take actions against those calling MPs to vote against the approval of the State of Emergency (SoE) in the parliament. It said “MPs are being coerced by phone, the media and in person to vote against the approval of the recently declared State of Emergency.”

Since last week, Ethiopian activists based in the Diaspora have been sharing the contact details of MPs from the Oromo and Amhara regions on social media asking the public to calling their local MPs and ask them them not to vote for the approval of the SoE when Parliament meets this Friday.

The timing of this statement indicates that the TPLF/EPRDF regime and the Command Post in particular are concerned that the SoE might not get sufficient vote in the parliament this coming Friday and the statement is warning that the MPs should vote for the approval of the SoE. This seems to be the main intention and message of the statement.

Image from File (2016 protest in Oromia region)

In a related development, the ruling Front, EPRDF council’s meeting scheduled to start this Thursday March 1 has been postponed to an unspecified date next week. Various sources are indicating intra and inter-party disagreements within the four member parties of the EPRDF.

A netizen has reported earlier today that the Command Post has shot a civilian protester in the forehead and killed him today.

The Command Post and the State of Emergency have been made ineffectual due to a general strike in Amhara region last week from Monday to Wednesday and now protests in Nekemet, Oromia region. Both protests have opposed the declaration of the SoE.