Maverick Lemma Megersa’s Speech Suggests That Even Gov’t Resignation is Necessary for the Sake of Ethiopia and the People



Lemma Megersa, is the Chairman of the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organisation (OPDO), member party of the ruling Front, EPRDF and also the president of the Oromo Regional State of Ethiopia. He is winning the hearts of many Ethiopians on social media including those on the opposition camp for his bold and maverick speeches out of the very divisive and monotonous speeches and narratives of the EPRDF.

Lemma came to prominence for his pro-Ethiopian and Ethiopianism speech during his trip to Bahir Dar, Amahara region for comparing the Ethiopianism spirit to an addictive drug.

Yesterday, when the leaders of the four member parties of the EPRDF were holding a presser regarding their 18 days of meeting, he stood out among the four for his eloquence and visible anger for the country.

Lemma is noticeably a direct speaker.

He said “”የግለሰብ ክብርና ስልጣን፣ የማንም ስልጣን ገደል ይግባ። ከአገር በላይ አይደለም። የማናችንም ስልጣንና ክብር ከአገር በታች ነው።” Literally translated as “Individual’s power and honor, anyone’s power can go to the ditch/hell. Everyone’s power and honor is below our country…Let us save our country.”

None of the leaders on the table spoke in such a bold and humble tone. Reading between the lines, Lemma seems to suggest that the government should even resign for the sake of the country and the people, which he said was “in crises.” It also suggests that during their meeting the honor and power of some EPRDF bigwigs was an impediment to their discussions and resolutions. He is also affirming that he is a rebel these honor and powers within the EPRDF status quo.  His speeches since he took office have been persistently emphasizing the unity, Ethiopianism and love discourses.

Many are worried that his popularity might not be liked by the core and secretive security wing of the TPLF. His predecessor Alemayehu Atomsa was reportedly killed by poison.