The Speech: Defining October 31, 2017!


November 4, 2017 Written by: awatestaff

The following is an updated version of the translation of Hajji Musa Mohammed Nur’s address to the meeting at the Al Dia Islamic School that resulted in his arrest and the arrest of many people, and caused the demonstration of October 31, 2017 that started in Akhria and spread to the streets of Asmara, Eritrea. It was taken posted on the Awate Forum by Saleh Younis who sourced it from the Internet.


“…that it doesn’t have acceptance, and we will meet with and address the people, and my position is, regarding the idea that you [government officials] have brought forth, I will speak opposed to it, not in support of it, is what I told them (applause from the audience.) This being the case, because this school is ours, even now, whatever its shortcomings, [your] suggestions that are not compatible with our views will not have acceptance. And because we have full rights, there is nothing that should frighten or scare us. (applause from audience mixed with “God Is Great!”)

“These girls who are coming to school veiled: they are Muslims; they are our daughters; it is their religion: and nobody will touch them. (applause from the audience. ) Therefore, we are ready to bear any burden (applause from audience.) Because: there is no man who won’t get jailed and die for in defense of his religion and creed, and we are called for to die [in such defense]. When a man is born, a man is dead. (enthusiastic audience applause and “God is Great!”)

“This Aldia school has 2,800 students, male and female. The parents of these students, male and female, are 5,600. Thus, all summed, it approaches 10,000. Why would you embitter and anger such [size of] people? And this when s/he is paying for it [the school)? This Aldia school was built with our money; we built it–you built it. Nobody else has built it: nobody is owed a brick or quintal of cement for its construction (applause from audience and God Is Great). Thus, it is our money, our labor and our supplies, and even before [the recent meeting] we have been called to a meeting an expressed our views. We have sacrificed plenty in the past to leave this legacy for our children. We have spoken with judges, we have even spoken with the ministry.

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