Targeted Ethnic Attack Must Stop Now!



By Lealem D. Tekele

Over the course of the past week, several media outlets (here, here and here.) have been reporting that dozens of Ethiopians belonging to the Amhara ethnic group have been slaughtered by locals in the Illubabor Zone of Oromia region of Ethiopia. Hundreds fled to the bush.

For more than four decades and especially with the emergence of social media and digital Television, there have been regular echoing  of hateful and violence instigating messages against the Amhara people and mainly on those living in the Oromo region. Although many people are blaming the TPLF led government’s security as the instigator  of these targeted attacks as a means of attention diversion from the current anti-government protests, it is wrong to deny that there have been similar senseless attacks and calls by the locals of the region against the Amhara residents previously.

Not just that. Thousands of Oromo people were displaced from the Somali region of Ethiopia and the vice versa since last year.  The ethnic violence and rhetoric is reaching an alarming level. Especially, as the anti-government protests intensify and the government wobbles due to an internal power crisis,  the future of the country and region becomes even more worrying.

This is a very delicate issue to write on and discuss about, it requires an in-depth investigation and fact finding.  However, it is our responsibility to strongly condemn these killings and call on those campaigning for ethnic-discrimination and attack as well as committing it to be brought to an independent justice.

It is also time for the powers that be to calmly sit down, ponder and seek an all-inclusive long term solution.

Ethiopia: Dozens of ethnic Amharas have been killed in targeted attack in the last 7 days in Illu Ababora and N. Shewa Zones

— Addisgazetta (@addisgazetta) October 22, 2017