A New Speaker to be Installed on Monday After Aba Dula Gemeda, Veteran of OPDO and Speaker of House Resigns



Aba Dula Gemeda, of the OPDO, member of the EPRDF coalition and former Speaker of the House of the Ethiopian parliament, had resigned and his resignation has been accepted by the EPRDF Executive, an Addis Abeba based outlet has reported.

He will be replaced by a new Speaker of the House on Monday in the parliament. According to Ethiopian online media outlets, the Speaker resigned “opposing the intervention of the Ethiopian Defense Forces in the border conflicts of Oromia and Somali regions of Ethiopia.” Other sources state that Abadula has been under hot water in recent months for allegedly helping an OPDO linked billionaire flee the country during the corruption crackdown.

According to reports Aba Dula Gemeda was soldier of the former government, who was captured by the TPLF during a battle before he was installed in the new organisation formed to represent the Oromo rebels, OPDO. During the incumbency, Abadaula was a military general and Minister of Defence forces before he was stripped of the titles and became a civilian leader.

Abadula is also especially remembered for awarding his own house to the EPRDF, which was allegedly “built through corrupt means and even got him shamed by the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.” Many believe, that gesture by Abadula saved him from being arrested.

Recently, Addis Voice had revealed that Abdula had “bought and used two fake degrees from a bogus university selling non-accredited diplomas online.”

Last August 2017, when the parliament was called for an immediate session, there were reports that Abadula was also going to be relived of his duties upon his request.

The 60 year old Abadula, succeeded Teshome Toga Chanaka in 2010 as SoH.

Ironically, Abadula didn’t resign or abdicate from his membership in OPDO or EPRDF.