Is Abadulula going to be the next Harka Haroyu? Local Paper Reports Abadula was Told to Leave Gov’t Housing-Abadula Denies



The Addis Abeba based English weekly, Addis Fortune, has reported that the Speaker of the House and top official of the OPDO/EPRDF, who reportedly resigned few weeks ago, was last week told by the authorities of the Ethiopian Housing Corporation to “vacate a state-owned house near Olompiya, Bole.”

His family vacated the house last Tuesday.

Abadula’s case brings to memory the story of the former Ethiopian Justice Minister (2002-05), Harka Haroyu.

Like Abadula, Harka was a former regime, Derg cadre before joining the current regime. Born in Hagereselam, Southern Ethiopia in 1959, Harka was cross with the TPLF, core of the EPRDF coalition in the post 2005 election periods.

His disagreement led Harka to distance himself from the ruling Front and later his former bosses kicked his family including his young underage children to the streets out of their government house that they were given by the Ethiopian Housing Corporation. It was to be remembered that around 2008 Harka sought help from the public and deeply lamented the way he was treated. Although Abadula’s case is a bit different in that he is known for repeatedly resigning before and coming up with new hats, the experience of former EPRDF officials  including Negaso Gidada, who have totally resigned from the government on their own request have all been treated badly leading a life of poverty.

However, according to Abadula has denied the story.