Most of Eritrea’s Veteran Guerrilla Fighters Are Passing Away, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense Eastern Command Brig. Gen. Musa Rabea Has Died


Asmara, 14 August 2017- Brig. Gen. Musa Rabea, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense Eastern Command, passed away today, 14 August at the age of 70.
Born in 1974 in Rura Habab, Brig. Gen. Musa Rabea joined the Eritrean Liberation Front in 1966 at his young age.

Birg. Gen. Musa Rabea, later joined the Popular Forces and the EPLF and served in different capacities. After independence, Brig. Gen. Musa diligently served his country and people as regional administrator and Eritrean Police Commander.
Brig. Gen. Musa Rabea is survived by his wife and seven children.

The funeral service of the late Brig. Gen. Musa will be held at the Asmara Patriots Cemetery on Wednesday 16 August at 10 AM.

Expressing deep sorrow of the passing away of Brig. Gen. Musa Rabea, the Ministry of Defense expresses condolences to his family and friends.

Source: Shabait