Despite the SoE, Businesses in Addis Joining the Stay at Home Strike



Days after retail business owners in several towns of the Oromia region in Ethiopia have staged a stay at home strike, business owners in the capital city, Addis Abeba, have today joined the strike.

Ethiopia has been under State of Emergency since October 2016 after anti-government protests engulfed the Oromo and Amhara regions.

The main cause of the current strike is the imposition of tax hikes, which retailers said is extremely high.

Towns in the Oromo region such as Ambo, Woliso, Najjo, Holota, and Alemaya have been staging strikes for the past three days sometimes with violent incidents reported.

In Addis Abeba, shops in Kolfe and Zenebe Work have been closed today, joined the strikes. The pictures are sourced from netizens based in the areas.