Typical journalist in Ethiopia is male, 30 years old and holds an undergraduate degree in journalism or communication: WJ



The World’s of Journalism (WJ) latest country report is out. The study has interviewed over 27,500 journalists between 2012 and 2016, based on a common methodological framework. The questionnaire elicited views of journalists on several issues journalists and news organizations face today, such as journalism’s place in society, ethics, autonomy and influences on newsmaking, journalistic trust in public institutions, and the transformation of journalism in the broadest sense.

The Worlds of Journalism Study (WJS) is an academically driven project that was founded to regularly assess the state of journalism throughout the world. The Study’s primary objective is to help journalism researchers, practitioners, media managers and policy makers better understand the worldviews and changes that are taking place in the professional orientations of journalists, the conditions and limitations under which journalists operate, and the social functions of journalism in a changing world.

To read the findings of the study about Ethiopian journalists click https://epub.ub.uni-muenchen.de/29707/1/Country_%20report_Ethiopia.pdf