ONLF and AG7 Form an Alliance: ESAT



The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and Arbegnoch (Patriotic) Ginbot 7 Movement (AG7) have signed an agreement to work come together and work in alliance, ESAT TV reported.

ONLF, has been fighting first for the secession and later for the autonomy of the Ogaden region from Ethiopia. It is has for long been one of the most strongest armed groups in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. AG7 is a pro-Ethiopian armed force based in Eritrea, led by former Bucknell Univeristy Professor Berhanu Nega.

The News report didnot give details if there were any changes of principle on the side of ONLF or AG7 to sign the agreement.

The Chairman of ONLF Mohammed Omar Osman and the Chair of AG7 Professor Berhanu Nega signed the deal.

Watch the details from ESAT’s video report