An Ethiopian State TV Entertainment Journalist Biruk Reportedly Resigns After His Interview With Teddy Afro was Censored

Biruk Endale, who worked as an entertainment journalist in the state owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) for the past four years,has today announced that he has resigned from his post following what he called “recent controversies.”
Biruk had interviewed Ethiopian star musician Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro) and had announced that his interview was going to be aired last Sunday. However, it was later announced by various media outlets that EBC had censored the interview. Teddy Afro’s songs and his interview have been rare in the State media. Teddy Afro’s songs are loved by the critical and dissident mass of the Ethiopian population.
Within six hours of his announcement of resignation on his personal Facebook page, over 2000 like his comments and they were shared over 600 times.
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On his post Biruk said “the issue is beyond presenting or not presenting an artist. I found it the issue to be against the values of journalism and therefore to pay due respect for those who paid a lot of sacrifice for the profession, I am quitting my job.”
He also said he has started the job search.