Excluding critical opposition, rebels, Ethiopian ruling Front says to “negotiate” with co-opted oppositions


Opposition Parties to Negotiate with EPRDF in Unison

The Ethiopian gov’ts News Agency, ENA reported that some 11 political parties said they are to discuss with the ruling party, EPRDF.



The report added that the parties had proposed that three moderators should be present in the negotiations. Each, the ruling party and the opposition group, will have one moderator representing them, while a third moderator who represents both groups will be chosen during the negotiations. Presence of domestic and international observers, professional moderators and access for the media are among the demand of the opposition parties to be fulfilled during negotiations, ENA reported.

Some of the parties present such as the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP), Unity for Democracy and Justice Party, Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement and New Generation Party are parties that have been formed after the government allegedly infiltrated strong opposition parties and awarded the offical names to the splinters.

Some of the opposition and rebel groups that the government often condemns and are currently active on Ethiopia’s political sphere are not represented in this “negotiation.”