Ethiopia to build a new statue for Emperor Menelik II, Museum in Wollo worth 18.5 Mil. Birr ወሎ ውስጥ አዲስ የአፄ ምኒልክ ሃውልት ሊገነባ ነው



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A new statue of Ethiopia’s Emperor Menelik II and grand new historic museum is going to be built near Yisma Negus, Southern Wollo, Amhara region of Ethiopia, state media outlets in Ethiopia reported.

Yisma Negus, is the specific place where the controversial Treaty of Wuchale was signed between Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II and Count Pietro Antonelli of Italy in the town of Wuchale in 1889. The disagreement over the Italian interpretation of the Article 17 of the Treaty led to the Battle of Adwa, when Ethiopia defeated Italy on March 1, 1896 as a result of which Ethiopia remained the only uncolonised country in Africa.

According to a report by the voice of the ruling Front, Fana Radio, reported quoting Ahmed Seid, the Head of the Zonal Heritage Department, the regional government is supporting the redevelopment of the area.

He said eight million birr has already been spent on the design work and the building could be completed in less than a year.

The oldest statue of Emperor Menelik is already standing in the middle Addis Abeba, near St. George Church.