Lij Tirfe Manyahlehal’s (DJ Kin’s) Company Response After Our Last Article About Him ዲጄ ኪን ከፍልፍል ድንጋይ ቤተክርስትያን ሰርቷል

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A week ago we published this article about Ethiopia’s famous ex-Dj Kin, known as Lij Tirfe Manyahlehal. We had asked for anyone with the know about the ex-DJ to update us about his present state. We have an offical response from DJ Kin (Lij Tirfe’s) company, Aba Guben Bakery and Restaurant .
The written response from his company reads that Lij Tirfe was in a far off place in Debre Libanos monastery for three years but currently he is in Addis Abeba and yet spends a secluded life of prayers.
Lij Tirfe Manyahlehal is doing well. He never was a monk or hermit although would have liked it if it was the Lord’s will. He was in a remote area in Debrelibanos for three years, between 1997 EC (2005)-2000EC (2008) Ethiopian Calendar, building a rock-hewn church commanded by God. As soon as he finished, he handed over the rock-hewn church to the faithful and returned to Addis Abeba to continue his spiritual life in seclusion, which is after the “Prayer BOOK ‘ and ‘AUDIO’ CDs were released.
Aba Guben’s representative also corrected that Lij Tirfe was educated in Sandford School rather than St. Joseph when he completed in 1990. Also, another revelation is that Lij Tirfe’s parents and grandparents were members of the Ethiopian Imperial family and he traces his genealogical ancestry straight to King Solomon.
He currently owns a bakery, pasta plant and an Italian restaurant, running for 5 years, named after his beloved Grandfather’s patriot name, i.e, Aba Guben, aka, General Tedla Mekonen of the previous Imperial Government. In case you are wondering why the title Lij because it means son or straight descendant of the Solomonic line which he happens to be from both his parents. He is the sixth grandson of King Sahle Selassie on his father’s side and 11th grandson of King Fasiledes on his mother’s side.
Lij Tirfe formerly DJ Kin, is one of the first Ethiopian radio DJs popular between 2000 to 2005 before he quit DJing and starting a life of full spirituality and devotion.
We at De Birhan wish the very best for Lij Tirfe and may all his dreams come true.