Ethiopia’s PM Haileamarim gives a presser and no info about 130 investors, officials allegedly detained



Three weeks ago, government media outlets reported the arrest of over 130 famous investors, government officials and experts for an alleged corruption. None of the names were made public. Given the pervasiveness and the murky state of corruption in the country, which has tied the whole regime apparatus, many supposed that the News report was a fabrication to cool down the public anger and that there was no one detained.

The Prime Minister in a Press Conference held with media outlets avoided the issue and named none expect issuing the usual warning.

Below is the report from ENA

Premier urges public to involve in renewal process

Addis Ababa  January  09/ 2017 Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has urged the public to actively involve in the government’s ongoing deep renewal process in a bid to expose corruptors and exercise good governance.

In today’s press conference with representatives of the local media, the Prime Minister advised the public to stand against corruption and poor governance.

The ongoing deep renewal of government officials involves all the ranks up to the lower government structure.

Hailemariam said the renewal process which is anchored on the party’s key principles is targeted at fighting rent-seeking and improving public service.

He indicated that a specialized office which investigates corrupt practices among officials works in parallel with the well established Anti-Corruption Commission to close in on corruptors.

The Premier also stressed on the need to create a society which abhors corruption and abuse of power through the promotion of selflessness and better public service.

Mentioning the opposition block as key in building the nation’s young democracy, he encouraged them to play their share by forwarding practical and alternative development policies.