Court of Cassation to tell decision on blogger Zelalem tomorrow via families ሰበረ ሰሚ ችሎት በዘላለም ወርቅአገኘሁ ይግባኝ ላይ ወሳኔ መስጠቱን ውሳኔውንም ነገ በቤተሰቦቹ በኩል እንደሚያሳውቅ ገለጠ



Co-blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu was before the Court of Cassation today to hear the decision on his appeals and the Court said “it has reached a decision but will inform him via his families tomorrow.”

ሰበረ ሰሚ ችሎት በዘላለም ወርቅአገኘሁ ይግባኝ ላይ ወሳኔ መስጠቱን ውሳኔውንም ነገ በቤተሰቦቹ በኩል እንደሚያሳውቅ ገለጠ::


Below we have the background of Zelalem’s trails.


Zelalem Workagegnehu appeared before the Court of Cassation today in Addis Abeba but the court adjourned it for tomorrow after noon citing “incomplete files” for the adjournment.

Zelalem's new photo from Befeqadu Hailu's Photo file
Zelalem’s new photo from Befeqadu Hailu’s Photo file

Read our previous post for details below: 

Ethiopian blogger, rights activist and academic Zelalem Workagegnehu will appear before Ethiopia’s last supreme court the Court of Cassation on January 3, 2017 after having exhausted all the appeal processes.

He has been jailed to five years imprisonment for alleged “communication”  with the then Ginbot 7 Movement now Arebegnoch Ginbot 7 Movement, which has been labelled by Ethiopia as a “terror organisation.”

Zelalem has not been accused of any other violations but was given five plus years jail when the Ethiopian regime is going to release 9000 protesters it alleged “destroyed properties and attempted a coup” after giving them weeks of “disciplinary training.”

There is a call internationally for the Court of Cassation to either free Zelalem or reduce his sentencing.

In recent weeks, the Court of Cassation has reduced the jail terms of several prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia.

Zelalem was finishing his Masters Degree in Public Administration at the Addis Abeba University, in July 2014 when he was detained together with nine other opposition politicians, netizens, and activists.

The Court had acquitted  five of the defendants  in August 2015 and two more of Zelalem’s co-defendants on April 15, 2016 when it found Zelalem and two other co-defendants of Zelalem guilty of “supporting terror in any way.”

PEN International started a Call for Action for Zelalem Workagegnehu in June this year through its Rapid Action Network. Everyone is asked to go to PEN’s WEBSITE and post the letter to the named officials and embassies across the world.