Ethiopia’s nominal PM announces “OLD” team as “NEW” cabinet -> The names




Ethiopia’s nominal Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalgen, who has said that he would announce a new  cabinet in October 2016, to ease the political instability and protests in the Country. But due to the national crisis, he only made the announcement today in November 2016.  Although he said he announced a new cabinet, his cabinet is still full of members of the EPRDF and the key posts are still under the hands of the TPLF. The only difference now is that ministers seem to be composed of people with higher education degrees, in attempt to argue that they have made the assignments based on “merits.” Similarly, in terms of ethnic composition, the PM, said Oromo ministers were made to dominate the cabinet but they all hold the least powerful ministries such as fishery, climate change, and children’s. Defense, Intel, justice, Federal Affairs and the security sector ministers and old guards still remain in tact  owned by TPLFs: such as  Information and Communication  Minister Debrebretsion Gebremichael & Defence Minister Sirg Fegissa.

The one party parliament fully approved the appointments with no objection or abstinence.

Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu – Minister of Foreign Affairs

Tagese Chafo – Public Service Minister

Abraham Tekeste – Finance and Economic Minister

Dr. Bekele Gulado – Trade Minister

Professor Fekadu Beyene – Animal and Fishery Minister

Eyasu Abraha – Farming and Natural Resources Minister

Dr. Eng. Getahun Mekuria – Science and Technology Minister

Ahmed Shide – Transport Minister

Ambachew Mekonen – City Development and Housing Minister

Aisha Mohammed – Construction Minister

Dr. Sileshi Bekele – Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister

Motuma Mekasa – Mineral, Natural Gas, Energy Minister

Gemedo Dali – Environment, Forestry and Climate Change

Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam – Minister of Education

Prof. Yeferu Berhane – Minister of Health

Girma Amente – Government Development Enterprises Minister

Dr. Hirut Woldemariam – Tourism and Culture Minister

Demitu Hambisa – Women’s and Children Minister

Restu Yerda – Youth and Sports Minister

Kebede Chane – Revenue and Customs Minister

Dr. Negeri Lencho – Government Communications Minister

A local newspaper reported that another major change people familiar with the reshuffling expect is the departure from clusters under the rank of deputy prime ministers.

Was the question of Ethiopian protesters and oppositions cabinet reshuffle?