Ethiopia: ‘Buy Ethiopian’ Trade Fair On Display


The Trade Fair would help local companies to learn from international counterparts and promote their product and services.

The Ministry of Trade said the government is working to strengthen domestic trade to take the full advantage of an increasing global economic integration more than ever before.

Opening the 9th Ethio-Chamber Trade Fair organized by the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA) Thursday, Trade Minister Dr. Bekele Bulado said that to deepen interdependence among economies and societies around the world, the private sector should be aware of the fact that competitiveness is the only way to survive in the globalized world order.

Dr. Bekele also said that private sector investment has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades. However, much of the private sector is still confined in the local market, which had been the heart of the market strategies of the 60’s and 70’s. Currently, the market has gone global; as a result of which local companies are facing firm competition from international markets, he added.

According to Dr. Bekele, local manufacturing firms need to improve the quality of their products and also upgrade their skill and technology. “Thus, this Trade Fair is a great opportunity to strengthen market link by promoting local products and services. The Trade Fair also paves the way for knowledge and skill transfer.”

ECCSA President Solomon Afework for his part said the Trade Fair is aimed at fostering domestic manufacturing industry through the promotion of local products meeting international standard. The current catch phrase ‘Buy Ethiopian’ holds a noble motive of building the country’s image; urging for attitudinal change towards local products and services, he said.

Solomon also said that the Fair promotes Ethiopian products and services, strengthening link between various business sectors, facilitating technology and knowledge transfer and sharing of experiences to enhance local industries competitiveness.

ECCSA Secretary General Endalkachew Sime also said that over 160 companies are displaying their products in the Fair. Some 60 companies are drawn from India, Sudan, China, Turkey, Indonesia and Fiji. The remaining are local companies engaged in the manufacturing sector including small-scale enterprises.

Local and foreign exhibitors said that the Trade Fair would enable them create link among themselves, strengthen partnership, and introduce products and services.

Source: allafrica