547 South Sudanese refugees arriving in Ethiopia everyday: Imagine the backlash if this was in the developed world


The UN refugee agency on Wednesday said that the number of South Sudanese refugees crossing to neighbouring Ethiopia is increasing.

Kisut Gebreegziabher, spokesman of the UNHRC, told Anadolu Agency that an average of 547 people continue to arrive at the Pagak Transit Centre on a daily basis.

“Since 3 September, a total of 39,954 new arrivals were recorded, with women and children constituting the majority [about 86 percent],”said Gebreegziabher.

The spokesman pointed out that malnutrition remains a major challenge.” A cumulative total of 4,929 children between the ages of six and 59 months have been screened for malnutrition, 310 of whom have been identified for enrolment in nutrition programs since 20 October,” he said.

Source:  https://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/unhcr-records-rising-flows-s-sudanese-refugees-ethiopia?