Police detaining business-people in Bahir Dar after new stay away protest today




Police and security personnel are detaining business-people in Bahir Dar, 565 km North of the capital, as the third round of stay away general anti-government strike started today.

Ethiopia had announced a State of Emergency for the next six months. The SoE forbids any form of anti-government protest among other arbitrary orders.

Few shops that have opened under the orders, have been let go.

Bahir Dar city started the general strike protest today calling the current TPLF (EPRDF) regime to step down and remember those who have lost their lives during the Irrecha festival earlier this month and during protests under the hands of security personnel.

There have been two stay away protests in the city in the last three months alone.

During the general strike period, which often lasts one week, businesses will be closed, transportation and all public services will stop.

During the previous protests, the government security forces had coerced the residents to return back to work but failed to succeed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently visiting Ethiopia.