New 1686 suspected protesters detained in Oromia and Amhara regions by the Command Post



The Command Post said:

  • 93 bandits/rebels have surrendered in north Gondar zone, Amhara region
  • Over 1000 arms looted by protesters recovered from Oromia and Amhara regions
  • Scores of businesspeople, who took part in last week’s and this week’s general strikes have been arrested in Bahir Dar and Gonder cities

Addis Ababa -Following the joint efforts carried out by the public and the Command Post established to oversee the implementation of the state of emergency, suspects in the recent violence have been surrendering and handing over looted arms.

Accordingly 93 bandits have surrendered in north Gondar zone, Amhara regional state.

Similarly, bandits in Dembidolo town and Sedo woreda in Kelem Wolega zone, Oromia regional state, have handed over to security forces about 70 arms they looted from various areas.

Moreover, 110 people who had been the key actors and coordinators of the violence in Kelem Wolega zone have been detained based on the tips obtained from the public. The Command Post has continued hunting the remaining culprits.

Among the forefront actors in the violence and property damage occurred in west Arsi zone, Oromia Regional State, 450 suspects in Shashemene and 670 suspects in west Arsi zone have been arrested and investigation is underway.

Similarly, of the 162 arms ransacked from west Arsi zone, including Shashemene, about 88 arms have been recovered by the efforts of elders and by the looters themselves. Efforts are also underway to recover properties stolen from government, individuals and development institutions.

The Command Post also managed to recover 32 of the arms looted in west Guji zone. Based on the information provided by the public, some 302 suspects have been detained in the zone. About 20 suspects are also negotiating with elders to give their hands.

Some 92 modern and outdated arms and 8 pistols were recovered from Adama, Bora, Lome, Liben Chikula, Adea, Boset and Adami Tulu woredas in east Shoa zone.

Of the 513 arms looted in Oromia Regional State in general, about 384 arms have been recovered so far, it was noted.

In a related development, 13 businessmen have been arrested for trying to quit service by closing their shops in north Gondar zone, Amhara Regional State. Moreover, 13 suspects have been arrested for secretly calling for strike. Three teachers were also arrested for trying to obstruct the teaching learning process by abandoning school.

Of the 35 businessmen detained for trying to deny service by closing their shops in Bahir Dar town, six have been released after the necessary investigation. The Command Post is investigating the remaining 29 businessmen.

Sources: State media outlets