ICRC says supports the Ethiopian police with training , how about the Agazi



The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it supports the Ethiopian police with training to reinforce national and international standards pertaining to arrest, detention and the proportionate use of force.

In collaboration with the Ethiopian Police University College they produced a training video that will be used by the police across the country. The ICRC provides customized training tools with the support of expert trainers with police experience.
But the key question here is why only the Ethiopian police, why not the Federal Police Force of Ethiopia, the Agazi Squad and the semi-police military? The Addis Abeba and regional police commissions in Ethiopia are so powerless that they do not even carry weapons or deal with serious national issues. The forces that are deployed in conflict situations or are accused of deplorable human rights violations are the Agazi Squad, the Federal Police and the Semi-Police Military Force. They need the training, although, whatever form of training they may be given it is the politically and ethnic-appointed leader, who sets the standards of ethics and use of force.
Here is a video from the sample of the training, ICRC released: